About: Fiezza Mohd Nor

I graduated from University Teknology MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam in Master in Mass Communication and University Putra Malaysia in Bachelor Science Computer, majoring in Networking had been working in various industries such as education and banking industry.

I have solid background in corporate sales with strong emphasis in communications skills, marketing communication and public relation. With additional knowledge in time management, business planning and development, I had the opportunity to manage Bront Palarae.

Being a Business Artist Manager for Bront Palarae since the past 10 years is like a wish come true. I managed to hook him up with various brands, either through the endorsement or commercial attachments and more to come.

A couple of years ago Chew Kinwah asked for my assistance to deal with Indonesian productions and since then I manage his acting career and his schedules.

As for Amerul Affendi, Chelsia Ng and Ruby Ooi, this year going to be the first year we are working together. Like Bront and Chew Kinwah, I will manage their acting careers, endorsements and rebrandings.


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Contact: FiMoNo Business Artist Management

Name:   Fiezza Mohd Nor
Mobile: +6013 337 1407
Email:   fiezza.mohdnor@fimono.com

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